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Mid-West Companies is a very diversified Company, although we specialize in the computer
and health industries, we have a number of different divisions.
Below is a description of what each division of our company is about.




Your Friends in the computer business

Visit our "Computer Security" page to see the lattest specials on Vipre Anti Virus Software

We also offer many services from our local office, Web-site construction, tutoring, consulting, and more.




Well this one is just a hobby...we have this fascination with radio controlled toys, mostly fast racing boats. So when we find a product that makes our hobby better or faster we just have to offer it to the rest of the people in our hobby. We don't have very many products yet, but we are adding more each summer -  If you are into the radio controlled hobbies at all take a look and see if we have a product that you might be able to use, our philosophy is not to compete with our local hobby shops for business, we just want to offer some of the "specialized" products that we use in the R/C Boat racing hobby.

Check out the "R/C Lot" where we have used r/c models and equipment for sale.



This is one of the oldest divisions of "Mid-West Companies", we work with products to clean your air, water, and you. As we as humans come to realize that the only person that has the ability to heal our bodies is ourselves, we will begin to search for better ways to facilitate the healing process. This journey of knowledge is just beginning for some, but the knowledge is older than most of us can imagine, we encourage you to seek the truth at whatever level you are at and use the knowledge you gain to improve your health and the health of your family. As we jump into the next millennium, we will find that the most important thing we can do is to build our immune system and keep it strong. The products that we offer may be far fetched for some and old school for others, either way we will not offer any product or equipment that we ourselves have not tried and found to be of benefit in some way or another.

Check out our newest product
Ascent Native Protien

Nutrition Products



Here we go again...Mid-West has added a new division, "Mid-West Shooting Products"





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