Rebounder Mini Trampoline Exercise, the one-a-day multiple exercise, now comes in a better delivery system.
"Latest hybrid materials used in performance car engines provide this innovative rebounder mini trampoline the strength
that exceeds steel, but at a weight that is less than previous designs." The Ultimate Rebound™, Al Carter's New
(and uniquely mobile) Quarter-Fold Rebounder.


If you can imagine me traveling the world, explaining to audiences since the late 70's how "rebound exercise is the most efficient, effective form of exercise yet devised by man", then the following will be must-read news to you!


When I approached Dr. Spencer Magleby, PhD., Dean of the Mechanical Engineering Department of Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah, with the proposal that I wanted to improve upon the quarter-fold rebounder mini trampoline we had perfected and made available in 1995, he surprised me by saying, “All of the technology necessary to develop your quarter-fold rebounder was available to us during the First World War.”

He was talking about the bending, welding, painting, drilling and milling of steel to create the frames that are being used in all of the rebounders today.

“Your next step is to bring rebounder equipment into the new century.”

" Six weeks later I was able to see a three dimensional digital drawing of the Ultimate Rebound™. To me, it was museum art.
I wanted to frame the drawings, place them on the wall and stare at them.".

“How do we do that?” I asked.

“Use polymer - composite materials,” he answered.

“Aren’t polymers brittle, soft and cheap looking?" I inquired.

“They can be, but they can also be harder than steel, immaculately crafted, lighter, and stronger. The stealth fighters are made of composite polymers; polypropylene and fiberglass. Many automobile parts - including engine parts are made of polymers. There are over fifty different combinations of materials that can go into the production of products each with their own specific characteristics. All you have to do is find the combination that fits your needs. A rebounder is an ideal devise to be constructed of composite polymer materials.”

“Is it expensive?” I asked.

“Only in the beginning, but I believe the investment will be well worth it.”

“Well, let’s explore its potential, then.”

That was my beginning of a great adventure into a world previously unknown to me of composite materials.
Professor Magleby appointed me as the head of the project. The six students were there to get a grade. I was there to receive the benefit of what would come of the mechanical engineering project called “Ultimate Rebounder.” I presented the primary specifications.

  • It is an exercise device that will be used on a daily basis.

  • It provides an efficient rebounding experience.

  • The 28½ inch diameter Baycor® Permatron™ mat is circular and parallel to the floor.
    (Made in the U.S.A. by the Ten Cate Nicolon Corp.)

  • It is supported by eighteen aluminum mat/spring attachments, which, in turn is supported by 36 wide bellied springs.

  • It has to support 400 pounds of dynamic weight.

  • The 36 springs are connected to a frame that has 4 uniquely designed hinges and is capable of being folded
    twice into a quarter-fold.

  • The frame is 40 inches in diameter and supported by 6 permanently connected aluminum legs.

  • Each leg must have the ability to "unlock" and be folded out of the way, into the frame itself, if possible.

With that information and a review of the original Quarter Fold ReboundAIR™, a steel rebounder, the students went to work on a new composite polymer hybrid rebounder. Six weeks later I was able to see a three dimensional digital drawing of the Ultimate Rebound™.

To me, it was museum art. I wanted to frame the drawings, place them on the wall and stare at them.

The design was such that it made a frame cover obsolete. There was no need for springs in the leg. You simply slid them
into their slots and turned them by 30 degrees to lock them in place.

They even designed a built-in compartment for each leg to fit in when the frame is folded. Very useful!

The students were great, but they were only students. To perfect the design we needed to go to the experts - the engineers who were going to create the actual mold for the frame.

This was a real challenge because we couldn’t find a factory in the United States who would design and produce the mold for under $150,000.00 up front.

Our search culminated in a high-tech factory in Korea which was perfectly equipped for the project. They were so confident in the outcome, they were willing to guarantee their workmanship and back up every component produced!

We even included a good looking, custom fitted, double zippered nylon carrying case and its own transport dolly. However, what we thought was going to take 90 days from design to production has taken over two years due to meticulous product test improvements!

Was it worth it? You decide. After 12 years of Quarter Fold rebounder evolution, I proudly present to you,
The Ultimate Rebound™.

Revolutionary materials and workmanship. The ultimate in convenience and portability. The "ultimate" rebounder mini
trampoline devise!

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